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Parent Coaching

The Hazardous Parenting site is primarily focused on helping parents move from surviving their child's severe acting out behaviors to thriving despite of the issues. However, many parents need help with learning how to be a more effective parent for their child and how to manage the daily behavioral challenges that are part of living with a child or youth who has a severe behavior disorder.

Brenda provides parent coaching for parents who are living with and raising children and youth as well as for those who are no longer actively involved in the child's daily life due to their age (ie adulthood) or their residence (ie residential treatment) but are still finding their lives are negatively impacted by their adult child's behaviors.

Brenda provides practical, effective, and meaningful parenting methods that will support your role as a parent and help you reduce conflict and gain compliance with your extremely acting out child, youth, or young adult.

This service can be provided in her office or via telephone or video counselling. To book an appointment, please email brendamccreight@gmail.com or telephone 250-716-9101. Fees are $100.80 per 50 minute session. Fees may be covered by extended health plans and are tax deductible in Canada.

Want help in managing and responding to this type of behavior?
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