Hazardous Parenting Brenda McCreight  Ph.D.
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Support Page

Healing Workshops:

Brenda will facilitate at healing workshop in your community. Contact her at hazardousparenting2012@gmail.com to discuss bringing one to your area.

Ning Internet Support Group

Get involved with other parents who share your feelings and who are healing from Hazardous Parenting. Join in and get support and offer some back as you share this healing part of your parenting journey. Register here..

Phone Coaching

Brenda provides telephone parent coaching worldwide. If time, location, and lack of services impact your healing process, this may be right for you. One-on-one coaching can be just what you need to move you to the next level of healing within your family. Fees are $100.00 plus taxes per hour. Register here.

Weekly Teleclasses

Sign up for weekly EFT tapping teleclasses to help strengthen your self -esteem, reduce your anxiety, invite energy into your body, resist depression, and recover from other Hazardous Parenting traumas. The classes are live and interactive as we focus on what the members of the group bring to each session.

The fees are $50 plus taxes for four sessions per month. The calls are recorded and can be accessed at a later time. Register here.





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